Radio Olympics Begin July 8th

June 26, 2023

It's nearly time!

Time for what?

Well, the Radio Olympics of course!!

The World Radio TeamSport Championships start in JUST 12 DAYS, from around Bologna in Italy. July 8th and 9th will have the airwaves alive with teams looking for contacts during the IARU HF World Championship and YOU can help!

Whether contester-type or just a "normal" radio amateur - the organisers just announced a competition for those calling the contesters - it's called the COMPETITION award for WRTC2022.

Details are at

But whether you win the award or not, why not help your fellow amateurs make the most of a competition that has had to get over SO MANY problems to even start!

Good luck with the contest but most of all HAVE FUN and give the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy something positive to shout about!

Written by Ed DD5LP - I have no association with the organisers but hope to have fun working as many of the stations as possible in just a dozen days time!

Source: Amateur Radio Daily  open_in_new

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