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Come and Get Wyoming Special Event

September 22, 2023

The Shy-Wy Amateur Radio Club will be hosting the "Come and Get Wyoming" special event station W7Y from September 22 through October 2, 2023.

This will be a multi-band and multi-mode event. The schedule is available to view. QSL certificates and cards will be available.

Source: Shy-Wy Amateur Radio Club open_in_new

The Online Radio Club MX0ONL

September 19, 2023

The Online Radio Club (MX0ONL) was formed in 2018 to promote all aspects of radio activities, especially for those unable to meet regularly at a specific physical location (hence “online”).

Online meetings are held over Zoom every Thursday evening 1930-2100 UK time.

The club also runs a multi-protocol reflector:

  • DSTAR Reflector XRF994 B / DCS994 B / REF994 B
  • DSTAR SmartGroup TORC2
  • DMR via XLX or BrandMeister 2348140
  • Yaesu System Fusion Room 37815
  • Echolink Node 592933 (MX0ONL-L)
  • AllStarLink Node 52585
  • AmateurWire VOIP 90020

Source: The Online Radio Club open_in_new

Ham Imports Radio Library

September 17, 2023

Ham Imports is a comprehensive database of Chinese radio manufacturers. The website makes comparison between radios easy. Each entry features a pricing guide, photos, specifications, a lengthy description, and video reviews.

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Source: Ham Imports open_in_new

Wisconsin POTA Campout October 13-15

September 16, 2023

The inaugural Wisconsin Ham Radio POTA Campout will take place October 13-15 2023. The event will take place at the Clear Lake Campground in the Northern Highlands American Legion State Forest (K-7260).

This year we are opening up our campout to the greater POTA community. This event will be part social activity and part Parks on the Air activation. You can activate as little or as much as you want, in whatever mode you choose. The sky is the limit.

Source: KB9VBR open_in_new

OK2KKW The Czech VHF UHF Ham Radio Contest Club

September 16, 2023

The Czech VHF/UHF Ham Radio Contest Club (OK2KKW) has been around in one form or another for 33 years. They boast an impressive record and have hosted several expeditions over the years.

The OK2KKW homepage features a heavy dose of ham radio news, so be sure to check back often!

Source: OK2KKW open_in_new

HELLFEST Feld-Hell Contest Friday the 13th

September 15, 2023

HELLFEST is the content from Hell. Taking place on Friday October 13th, the goal is to make as many contacts as possible using the Hellschreiber digital mode.

All contacts must be made within the contact window: Friday, October 13th at 2pm EDT until Saturday, October 14th at 2am EDT (18:00 UTC 2023-10-13 until 06:00 UTC 2023-10-14)

Operators are encouraged to operate in the following windows 3580kHz-3600kHz, 7080kHz-7100kHz, 14080kHz-14100kHz, 21080kHz-21100kHz, 28080kHz-28100kHz as to not cause interference with normal FT8, FT4 and CW operations

Source: HELLFEST open_in_new

20 Meter Vertical Half-Wave Dipole with inverted-Vee Lower Element

September 14, 2023

Thanks to Tom Pierce K8EBR for submitting his write-up of a 20 meter vertical half-wave dipole. Tom describes an outstanding antenna for DX primarily because it is an efficient radiator, it exhibits a true 50 ohm input impedance, and it has an almost ideal horizontal toroid low angle radiation pattern.

Source: Tom Pierce K8EBR open_in_new

Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications Reaches 90,000 Items

September 13, 2023

The Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications (DLARC) has now added over 90,000 items to its collection of amateur radio related resources. The free online library is hosted by the Internet Archive.

Those interested in amateur radio and shortwave listening will find resources including magazines, club newsletters, podcasts, radio manuals, and early ham radio related Usenet conversations.

Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications is funded by a grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) to create a free digital library for the radio community, researchers, educators, and students. DLARC invites radio clubs and individuals to submit material in any format. If you have questions about the project or material to contribute, contact:
Kay Savetz, K6KJN
Program Manager, Special Collections

Source: DLARC open_in_new

Route 66 Event Now on the Air

September 10, 2023

The 2023 Route 66 special event is currently taking place through September 23rd. The event is hosted across multiple cities along the original U.S. highway 66 by 20 amateur radio clubs each with a special callsign. QSL cards and certificates are available. The event is managed by the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club.

Source: W6JBT open_in_new

Ham Radio Workbench Podcast Discusses Mastodon Social Media Platform for Hams

September 8, 2023

The most recent episode of Ham Radio Workbench discusses the open source and decentralized social media platform, Mastodon. (Mastodon discussion starts around 1 hour, 33 minutes in.) Guest Christopher, M0YNG, is the administrator for, one of the most popular servers focused on ham radio.

Mastodon is best described as a Twitter (X) replacement with the advantages of being community supported and ad-free.,, and are all ham radio focused, and make up a community of 1,000+ hams.

Source: Ham Radio Workbench open_in_new

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