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Amateur Radio Daily is a daily complement to Amateur Radio Weekly. While the weekly publication aims to surface important, high-quality news and content relevant to the world of amateur radio in a given week, the daily publication aims to surface more time sensitive news and events that simply can't fit into a highly curated, weekly email format. For example, Amateur Radio Daily is more likely to feature special event stations, expeditions, and club activities, as well as ham radio adjacent topics such as shortwave and space exploration.

One of the goals for Amateur Radio Daily is to fill a gap that currently exists in the online ham community. That gap is a lack of a dedicated daily ham radio news aggregation service. Since the abrupt shutdown of Southgate Amateur Radio News in late 2022 with the passing of its curator, Richard Brunton (G4TUT), the world of ham radio has sorely missed the tireless effort of Mr. Brunton centralizing the most important ham radio related news.

If you happened to notice the domain redirect you to this site, that was very intentional. While plans for this project have been in motion for a long time, the recent availability of the Southgate domain was my queue to make this project happen much sooner. (I originally planned to have this project complete to help celebrate the 300th issue of Amateur Radio Weekly, a milestone almost a year away as plans were originally coming together.) I worked with the executor of Mr. Brunton's will to acquire the Southgate domain name. The intent isn't to replace Mr. Brunton's work or carry on the Southgate name. He did much more than provide a daily news service, including producing podcasts, broadcast radio shows, and countless other contributions to the hobby. Those shoes can never be filled. Amateur Radio Daily is instead an small nod to his tremendous effort over multiple decades.

With that said, I hope you find value in Amateur Radio Daily whether you keep a dedicated browser tab open or add it to your favorite RSS reader. Suggestions are welcome as well as any important ham radio related information you think deserves a larger audience. I'd be happy to hear from you.

k4hck at hamweekly dot com

P.S. If you're looking for the actual Southgate Amateur Radio Club, that organization can be found here.

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