TAPR Hamvention Forum Schedule

March 24, 2024

TAPR has published the topics of their upcoming forum schedule at Hamvention 2024. The following presentations will be made on May 17, 2024:

  • Frequency Control for Next Generation SDRs
    Accurate and stable frequency control is important to the quality of results for radio-based space science experiments. John’s presentation discusses some of those requirements, and low cost frequency references to help meet them.
    By John Ackermann (N8UR)
  • Using ezDV to get on the air with Digital Voice
    How-to guide to using ezDV with a standard transceiver to get on the air with digital voice.
    By Mooneer Salem (K6AQ)
  • Introducing the TAPR/HamSci Magnetometer
    Description and deployment of the TAPR Magnetometer.
    By Dr Hyomin Kim (KD2MCR)

Additional topics may be viewed on the TAPR website.

Source: TAPR  open_in_new

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