Happy New Year!

January 3, 2024

Happy New Year and thank you for supporting Amateur Radio Daily over the past 7 months! It's been a privilege to relay relevant events and news to the broader ham radio community. I appreciate everyone that has submitted stories, added the RSS feed to their favorite feed reader, or simply clicked on a link to learn more about a topic of interest. I hope you continue to find Amateur Radio Daily a useful resource.

Special shout-out to K8EBR for sharing exceptional articles on updating the RST standard and plans for a 20 meter vertical dipole. Thanks to WBØOEW for exposing Amateur Radio Daily to a new subset of hams via HamClock. Thanks again to N8GNJ and Zero Retries for referencing Amateur Radio Daily a number of times, and thanks to Amateur Radio Newsline for the story earlier this year featuring this website.

Here's to a great year of ham radio throughout 2024!


Source: Amateur Radio Daily  open_in_new

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