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DLARC Continues to add Rich History of Ham Radio Content

Kay Savetz (K6KJN), posted an update in the most recent issue of Zero Retries highlighting the continued stream of rich content and history being donated to the Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications (DLARC).

The real fun, in my opinion, comes with radio magazines, which add art, advertisements, and really show the fun of the radio hobby in 1928. Start with the November 1928 edition of Science and Invention (with an article about how an airplane transmitted a photograph via radio, and a bargain at just 25 cents cover price!) Then enjoy the November 1928 edition of Radio Listeners' Guide and Callbook (the ads are amazing.) You can read a whole year of Radio magazine, and The General Radio Experimenter, and Radio News, and QST.

This latest round of additions to DLARC also includes Amateur Radio Weekly, the weekly email newsletter companion to this website!

DLARC is actively looking for additional content, including:

  • Ham radio books, magazines, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, videotapes, etc.
  • Permission to include the ham radio content that you have created, such as podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, etc.
  • Press Jones books: Wirebook (original) and Wirebook II
  • RAIN Reports from the years 1992, 1998, 2000, and 2003
  • Amateur Radio Newsline episodes pre-episode 1-961 and 1012-1799
  • Radio Fun Magazine
  • Journal of College Radio
  • And much more

Visit DLARC to dive in!

Source: Zero Retries, DLARC 

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