The History of Two Way Radios

December 15, 2023

Mark (KE6TNM) from Raycom has shared information about a new film, The History of Two-Way Radios:

In the hands of executive producer Mark Abrams (WA6DPB), producer/director Keith Salmon and co-producer and drone photographer Mark Lidikay (KE6TNM), the fascinating story of two-way radio technology comes to life. Their film, The History of Two-Way Radios, presents an engaging narrative on the progression of radio systems, from the simplicity of original designs to the complexities of modern networked trunking.

The team dedicated over two years to the film's production, grappling with how to present the material entertainingly. The film introduces fascinating characters, including Sasquatch, early developers who pioneered two-way radio technology, and modern technicians and engineers who persistently advance two-way radio communication.

Viewers are guided through the technological principles of radio systems, they encounter key historical moments, and gain insights into the capabilities and operations of modern communication systems. The film's success includes winning a Silver Dolphin award at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Film Festival. For more information, visit

Source: Raycom  open_in_new

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