TAPR Mini DCC Presentations Now Available

December 13, 2023

TAPR has published the December Digital Communications Conference (DCC) presentations on YouTube.

Planned presentations included:

  • TAPR SDR Development Progress and Challenges by David Larsen, KV0S
  • Developments in ka9q-radio by Phil Karn, KA9Q
  • An Open Source Wideband HF Receiver Design by David Witten, KD0EAG
  • An Inexpensive GPSDO for HF Receivers by John Ackermann, N8UR
  • Current Open Source Digital Voice Techniques by Walter Holmes, K5WH
  • A Low Cost FreeDV-based ESP32 Radio Interface by Mooneer Salem, K6AQ
  • ESP32 APRS and LoRA Hardware by Jason Rausch, K4APR

Source: TAPR  open_in_new

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