GEO Satellite Proposal Could Include Large Portion of North America, Laser Communications

December 11, 2023

In response to the recent GEO satellite proposal outlined by the European Space Agency, AMSAT-UK, British Amateur Television Club, AMSAT-NA, and the UK Microwave Group have outlined their own proposal that suggests potential satellite coverage areas, microwave bands, laser communications, and more.

The proposal illustrates several coverage scenarios with a focus on including as much population as possible across Europe and Canada simultaneously. Depending on the satellite's position, the majority to very little of the overall North American landmass could be included. The proposal states that the entirety of Canada and Europe cannot be covered simultaneously.

In addition, the proposal also explores an experimental laser based high-speed data link pointed at central western Europe.

Additional highlights include:

  • 5.6GHz to 10GHz transponders up to 1 MHz bandwidth at 20 Watts
  • Optional SDR block
  • 47 GHz or 76 GHz multimode beacon
  • High definition camera used for educational outreach

Source: AMSAT  open_in_new

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