Special Event Celebrates Father of Wireless Communication

November 7, 2023

Special event station AU2JC will be paying homage to the Indian scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose November 23 through December 11 2023.

Considered the "Father of Wireless Communication," Bose was a pioneer in microwave optics, and demonstrated wireless communication as early as 1895.

The special event will operate on the following modes and frequencies:

  • 10M: 28545, 28510, 28490, 29700
  • 21M: 21235, 21310, 21350, 21360
  • 20M: 14210, 14250, 14310
  • 40M: 7040, 7150
  • 80M: 3710
  • 6M FM: 50800, 51500

Source: AU2JCB  open_in_new

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