2023 Zombie Shuffle

October 8, 2023

The 26th annual Zombie Shuffle takes place on October 27th. This is a CW QRP event designed to get QRPers on the air and having fun.

There is no point to the Zombie Shuffle whatsoever except to get on the air and have some goofy fun with fellow Zombies and QRPers. Even with only 2-3 QSOs, you can earn a fairly large score to brag to your co-workers and QRO buddies. If you haven't been on the air for awhile, or you are a new CW ham, your fist is “rusty,” or your code speed is slow, this is the “contest” to put a few contacts in the log. Note that the scoring is based largely on SERENDIPITY rather than operating skill.

Source: Zombie Shuffle  open_in_new

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