The Online Radio Club MX0ONL

September 19, 2023

The Online Radio Club (MX0ONL) was formed in 2018 to promote all aspects of radio activities, especially for those unable to meet regularly at a specific physical location (hence “online”).

Online meetings are held over Zoom every Thursday evening 1930-2100 UK time.

The club also runs a multi-protocol reflector:

  • DSTAR Reflector XRF994 B / DCS994 B / REF994 B
  • DSTAR SmartGroup TORC2
  • DMR via XLX or BrandMeister 2348140
  • Yaesu System Fusion Room 37815
  • Echolink Node 592933 (MX0ONL-L)
  • AllStarLink Node 52585
  • AmateurWire VOIP 90020

Source: The Online Radio Club  open_in_new

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