HELLFEST Feld-Hell Contest Friday the 13th

September 15, 2023

HELLFEST is the content from Hell. Taking place on Friday October 13th, the goal is to make as many contacts as possible using the Hellschreiber digital mode.

All contacts must be made within the contact window: Friday, October 13th at 2pm EDT until Saturday, October 14th at 2am EDT (18:00 UTC 2023-10-13 until 06:00 UTC 2023-10-14)

Operators are encouraged to operate in the following windows 3580kHz-3600kHz, 7080kHz-7100kHz, 14080kHz-14100kHz, 21080kHz-21100kHz, 28080kHz-28100kHz as to not cause interference with normal FT8, FT4 and CW operations

Source: HELLFEST  open_in_new

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