RTL-SDR Releases V4 SDR Dongle

August 16, 2023

RTL-SDR has released their latest V4 model of their USB software defined radio dongle. Updates include:

  • Improved HF reception with use of built-in upconverter.
  • Out of band interference from strong broadcast stations is less likely to cause desensitization.
  • Consumes less current and produces less heat.


The V4 is a Limited Edition Design. The R828D tuner chip is completely out of production now and the number of units we can produce is limited by the number of chips held by our contract manufacturer in China. They have indicated that there should be enough stockpile for about a years worth of production.

The RTL-SDR V4 SDR will be priced around $40.

Source: RTL-SDR.com  open_in_new

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