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Hunstville Hamfest Forum List

Hunstville Hamfest takes place this weekend, August 19-20, 2023 and once again features a robust lineup of forums (PDF) with many presentations from the biggest names in ham radio.

ARRL Member Forum with ARRL CEO David A. Minster, NA2AA

Using to Help You Better Leverage Your Programmable Radio Investment: Charles F. Adams, Jr., KV4VT

Elecraft Update with Q&A - Including the K4 and its Latest Features and Updates: Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ

Simply Integrating Your Current HF Radio Station with the FlexRadio Power Genius XL amplifier: Michael Walker, VA3MW

YouTubers Group

APRS: Tim Cunningham, N8DEU

RF Power Amplifiers: Larry Savage, WA4CAX

Lighting Research in Huntsville: Monte Bateman, PhD, WB5RZX

Lighting Protection for Hams: Monte Bateman, PhD, WB5RZX

Powering Your Fun from The Sun: John Kalotai, N1OLO

Kit Building Techniques for Success: Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB

Can you operate ham radio from an electric vehicle?: Rob Suggs, PhD, NN4NT

Locating Power Line Noise: A True Story: Mike Rozar, N4CNZ

Operating Procedures for Enhancing Your Microwave Contest Score: Ben Lowe, K4QF

Two Hearts, One Hobby: Joe Domaleski, KI4ASK & Marry Catherine Domaleski, KI4HHI

Building Projects with Microcontrollers: Glen Popiel, KW5GP

Send an Amateur Radio Balloon around the World: Bill Brown, WB8ELK

Current Lunar Missions & Radio Science: Heidi Haviland, PhD, KK6SZW

What Physicists Don’t Know About Electromagnetics: Hans Shantz, PhD, KC5VLD

Beginning Morse Code: Keith Ford, K4KEF

POTA Best Practices: Mike Turner, W4OPS

POTA General Overview: Mike Turner, W4OPS

Introduction to POTA: Jerry Mitchell, KO4JVB

Georgia State Parks on the Air event: Claude Ray III, AC4SH

Adult Soldering 101: Matthew Sager, KI4AJZ, & Kevin Hibbs, KG4TEI

How to get in the DX station's log as seen from the short end of the pileup: Jay Slough, K4ZLE

AMSAT Forum: Tim Cunningham, N8DEU

The Museum of Information Explosion: Bob DePierre, K8KI

ARDC Grants and 44Net Technology for the Amateur Radio community: Jon Kemper, KA6NVY

Alabama Repeater Council: Dennis Littleton, K4DL

EDUCOM-Education Thru Communication: Joe Fairclough, WB2JKJ

ARRL Alabama Section Forum and ARRL Alabama Section Radio Sport Forum: Roger Parsons, KK4UDU & Christopher Arthur, NV4B

Alabama Section ARES: Roger Parsons, KK4UDU

Source: Hunstville Hamfest 

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