WRTC Coming to the United Kingdom in 2026

July 12, 2023

WRTC will be in the UK in 2026!

With the successful, (despite many challenges to be met) WRTC2022 concluding in Italy the next World Radio Teamsport Championship The Olympics of Ham Radio will take place in 2026 in the South east of England.

Welcome to WRTC UK 2026!
The United Kingdom is delighted to have been awarded the hosting rights for the 10th WRTC taking place in July 2026.

Every 4 years, much like the Olympic Games, the World Radio Sport Team Championship, known as WRTC, relocates itself to a new host nation. WRTC is a radio contest event, designed to provide a platform for high-achieving ham radio contesters to compete on a level playing field in the same geographic region using identical antennas, output power and other operating conditions. Each team will have had to qualify over a significant period of time by participating and scoring extremely well in a collection of HF radio contests from October 2023 to March 2025. In July 2026, 50 qualifying teams, comprising of 100 operators will come to the UK from all over the world and will represent their home countries, much like the style seen in the Olympic Games. Each team of two will be assigned a Referee, for which there will be an application process. The team draw their operating site, their referee and callsign and then they all go off and operate the 24-hour IARU 2026 Contest. We will have live scoreboards available which will add to the excitement of this competition.

For more details go to the website: https://www.wrtc2026.org/

73 Ed DD5LP/G8GLM (WRTC 2018 Media Team member).

Source: WRTC  open_in_new

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