European Space Agency and S5Lab Announce LEDSAT Digipeater Challenge

June 18, 2023

The challenge is to establish communication through the LEDSAT CubeSat digipeater, providing a chance to win a special prize: a QSL card issued by the ESA Education Office and the LEDSAT team. Running from June 26 to July 30, this challenge allows radio enthusiasts to engage with space technology and showcase their communication skills.

Due to LEDSAT’s monitoring and housekeeping requirements and the potential high demand from operators, the digipeater activation time slots will follow a pattern of one day ON and one day OFF, with the switch-on/off always occurring at 00:00 UTC. This schedule will begin on Monday, June 26th at 00:00 UTC, and conclude on Sunday, July 30th at 24:00 UTC.

Communication Frequencies:

  • Uplink frequency: 435.310 MHz
  • Downlink frequency: 435.190 MHz
  • Modulation type is GMSK using a CSP + Golay + ASM (AX100 Mode 5) protocol at 1200 baud

Source: AMSAT  open_in_new

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