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ISS SSTV Event December 7-8

December 5, 2023

Russian cosmonauts will be active on the International Space Station conducting a partial global slow scan television (SSTV) event.

Images honoring cosmonaut graduate Yuri Usachov will be transmitted on 145.800 MHz FM Thursday December 7, 08:55 UTC to 14:25 UTC and Friday December 8, 08:15 UTC to 14:10 UTC.

Source: AMSAT open_in_new

ARISS 40th Anniversary Conference named ARRL Specialty Conference

December 4, 2023

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) recently named the 40th anniversary celebration planned by Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) an ARRL-sanctioned Specialty Conference. This special designation from ARRL will provide additional marketing opportunities for the ARISS event including mentions in the ARRL weekly email and monthly journal.

The ARISS 40th Anniversary Conference will celebrate the positive impact of amateur radio on human spaceflight. The event takes place at the Center for Space Education at the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Center in Titusville, Florida February 22-24, 2024.

Amateur radio operation on human spaceflight first occurred in 1983 when astronaut Owen Garriott (W5LFL) made contact with amateur radio operators from the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Source: ARISS open_in_new

AMSAT Canada Officially Incorporated

December 4, 2023

Amateur Radio Satellites and Systems - Canada (AMSAT-CA) has officially been incorporated to support amateur radio in space. Over the next few months, AMSAT-CA will establish processes around its online presence as well as membership opportunities.

The first major effort from AMSAT-CA will be to develop a paper in support of the European Space Agency's proposal for a European and Canadian geosynchronous amateur radio satellite project.

Source: AMSAT-CA open_in_new

VP9 QSL Bureau Discontinued

December 3, 2023

The Radio Society of Bermuda will be discontinuing its QSL bureau service for VP9 stations beginning December 31st, 2024. Activity will be phased out over the next year.

Source: VP9NA open_in_new

ITU-R Recommends 23cm Amateur Service Operations

December 2, 2023

ITU-R has recommended an approach for amateur radio operators to continue working alongside non-amateur services on the 23cm satellite bands. Specifically, there has been concern that amateur radio might lose access to spectrum alongside the co-frequency radio navigation satellite service (RNSS).

The recommendation represents 4 years of advocacy on behalf of IARU and will be discussed at WRC-23 through mid-December.

Source: IARU open_in_new

NASA Highlights Ham Radio on International Space Station

December 1, 2023

The first and longest running educational outreach program on the space station is ISS Ham Radio. An organization known as Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, or ARISS, helps run the program. ARISS is a partnership between NASA, the American Radio Relay League, the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, amateur radio organizations, and multiple international space agencies.

Read the full article on

Source: NASA open_in_new

Mini Digital Communications Conference December 9th

November 30, 2023

TAPR will host a Mini Digital Communications Conference (DCC) on December 9th. The online conference will feature several presentations including Open Source wideband HF receiver design, Open Source digital voice, FreeDV ESP32 based radio, and more.

Keep an eye on for links to join the online presentations.

Source: TAPR open_in_new

Ham Radio WorkBenches On The Air Special Event

November 29, 2023

The popular Ham Radio Workbench podcast will be hosting a special event this weekend, December 3rd from 1pm to 5pm Eastern time.

Ham Radio Workbenches On The Air encourages listeners to get on the air and make contacts with the podcast's hosts. Certificates and prizes will be announced on the 200th episode of the podcast.

More details including points and schedule details are available on the HRWBOTA website.

Source: Ham Radio Workbench open_in_new

My Radio My Life Documentary Screening in Washington DC

November 25, 2023

From VU2RBI, featured in My Radio My Life documentary film:

Exciting news for Hams in Washington DC and nearby areas! 📢

My documentary film, 'My Radio My Life,' will be screening at the South Asian Film Festival on December 2nd at 3:00 pm EST, hosted at AMC Montgomery 16 in Bethesda. Reach out to VU2DTR Mahathi Devulapalli in Virginia for more details; she's active on social media. Free tickets if you contact Mahathi! Radio hams in the area, let's plan get-togethers during this time. 73s and namaste! 📻🎥

Source: My Radio My Life open_in_new

FOSDEM Seeks Amateur Radio Related Presentations

November 25, 2023

The Free and Open Source Developer’s Meeting (FOSDEM) is calling for amateur radio related presentations. FOSDEM 2024 will take place in Brussels February 3 - 4 featuring a track on FOSS-powered Radio.

Recommended topics include:

  • SDR frameworks and the tools that make them useful
  • New SDR-based developments in ham radio modes
  • Amateur radio operator software tooling
  • Free / Open radio hardware
  • Entertaining wireless hacks
  • SDR & ham radio in mass and higher education
  • Satellite, spacecraft and interplanetary communication

The submission deadline is December 1, 2023.

Source: GNURadio open_in_new

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